Before the Machina War, the majority of Al Bhed lived on an island of unknown location. The island was destroyed by Sin like other machina civilizations and settlements either during the war or the second coming of Sin, causing it to sink to the bottom of the ocean. With their island destroyed, the surviving Al Bhed members were scattered throughout Spira.

In Final Fantasy X, the Al Bhed Home has relocated to Bikanel Island within the Sanubia Desert through the efforts of Cid to bring the Al Bhed back together in one place. Although the location of Home is meant to be hidden from non-Al Bhed due to Yevonites doing something bad to the Al Bhed in the past (according to Rikku), when Rikku led Tidus and the other guardians there to look for Yuna after an encounter with Sin at Lake Macalania, Home was already under attack by the Guado, and eventually abandoned and destroyed by Cid in an attempt to take out the invaders and fiends that were swarming the place.

The design of Home is noticeably distinctive from other buildings in Spira. On the surface, Home includes a main tower surrounded by eight other towers that are interconnected to the main tower itself, and all of the towers looked similar to one another. The inside of the structures is similar to the castles of FFIX and the gardens of FFVIII, completed with electirc lights. The outside, however, is similar to the prison in FFVIII. In order to stay hidden, the color of the structure closely resembles the color of the sand, which is unlike the typically brightly color machina that belongs to the Al Bhed.

After Home was destroyed by Cid, Rin immediately began to gather funds to help rebuild Home by selling items to the player on the airship. However, Home did not seem to have been reconstructed during the events of FFX-2 either, which took place two years after the events in FFX.

The Al Bhed were scattered throughout Spira once again after Home was destroyed during the Guado invasion. Unlike when they were forced to be scattered throughout Spira previously during the time of Sin, none of the Al Bhed seemed to mind their situation with the exception of Cid. This is because after Yuna brought the Eternal Calm to Spira and the fall of the Yevon religion, the Al Bhed became more accepted throughout Spira.

For Cid, in order to gather funds to rebuild Home, he turned Zanakard into a tourist attraction at the beginning of Final Fantasy X-2, much to Yuna's dismay. During Chapter 4, in a scene available through Shinra's Commsphere System, Rin and Ndahala told Cid that the Al Bhed didn't mind being scattered anymore, and that even if Cid were to rebuild Home, nobody would return. At that point of the game, Cid finally realized the Al Bhed have gained acceptance within Spira and are willing to/trying to co-exist with the other races of Spira as equals.

Home was never shown throughout FFX-2, even when the player traveled to Bikanel Island. It seemed that after the events of FFX, the desert has turned into the digging grounds for machina research for the Machine Faction.