Blitzball predates the existence of Sin and remains as Spira's sole form of entertainment prior to Sin's ultimate defeat by Yuna and her guardians at the end of Final Fantasy X. Blitzball itself is a (fictional) sport similar to a mix of soccer, rugby and water polo played inside a giant sphere of water. Each team is composed of six players on the field during a game, and the objective is to score goals by putting the ball in the opponent's net. Players usually dribble and pass the ball using their hands and arms (similar to rugby and water polo), but will use their legs to shoot the ball (much like in soccer) when aiming for the net.

The Blitzball tournament is an annual event sponsored by Yevon, where teams from different regions of Spira gather to participate. This event, and perhaps Blitzball as a whole, is an exception to the rules of Yevon, as the Luca Stadium where the tournament is held uses machina technology (this is acceptable by Yevon even though the Yevon teachings generally forbid the use of machina), and the Al Bhed are allowed to have their own team participate in the tournament but are generally rejected from other Yevon establishments (such as temples) for being non-followers of the religion.

The Al Bhed Blitzball team is called the Al Bhed Psyches, and is made up of the players Eigaar (FW), Blappa (FW), Berrik (MF), Lakkam (DF), Judda (DF), and Nimirook (KP). The player can recruit Brother and Rin as Blitzball players later in the game for his/her own team.

Sphere Break

Sphere Break is a relatively new coin game (a new minigame in FFX-2) invented by Rin. It has become a very popular form of entertainment during the Blitzball off-season in Luca – enough to warrant a tournament to be held (near the end of Chapter 3 in FFX-2) with Rin himself as the sponsor. Shinra, the wiz kid of the Gullwings is apparently an avid player and one of the best Sphere Break players around.

The Sphere Break game itself is a fairly simple math game, where a coin (called Core Sphere) in the middle of the game board is surrounded by four gold/yellow coins (called Entry Coins) and twelve blue-ish purple coins (called Border Coins). The objective of the game is to combine the Entry Coins and/or Border Coins ranging from the numbers 1 through 9 to add up to a multiple of the number displayed in the Core Sphere. To win the game, the player must meet or exceed the quota set for the amount of Border Coins to be utilized within the turn limit and time limit of the game, which are set by the NPCs that the player challenges. If the player loses, his/her Entry Coins will be forfeited to his/her opponent. Entry Coins can be obtained from other players or found in the Bikanel Desert excavation minigame.