Hello stranger and welcome to Uplift, a fansite to Cissnei, one of the few named black suit wearing people from the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Cissnei appears as an unnamed playable character in Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII and a non-playable support character in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, both of which are prequels to the original Final Fantasy VII game first released back in 1997. Although Cissnei has made appearances in both titles from the compilation, this site primarily focuses on her role in Crisis Core with minor references to Before Crisis and the Compilation as well.

Before proceeding, please be forwarned that the site is sprinkled with unmarked spoilers, personal opinions and speculations throughout, especially if you have not play through the game(s). If you are new to Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, I'd strongly recommend going through the Introduction section, which gives an overview of both games and is mostly sopilers-free.

Thank you for your visit and please enjoy browsing through the site.