About the Site

I had originally wanted and planned to make a Cissnei fansite after my first playthrough of Crisis Core and when I first owned cissnei.net back in 2008. Due to eventual lack of interest in building hobby sites and trying to adult, I stopped making fansites altogether until nostalgia (and motivation) strikes again.

Although my favorite character from Crisis Core at the time was probably the main protagonist, Zack, Cissnei had caught my attention enough to garner a fansite and a collective domain name for me.

About the Site's Name

I found myself having a lot of difficulty coming up with the perfect name for this fansite. I wanted a name that reflects Cissnei's character on the whole, but I can't help but feel like I am grasping at straws. Eventually, after brainstorming a handful of names, I first wanted to name the fansite "Soar", as I felt that wings, flying and longing to be free are repeated themes when it comes to Cissnei. However, as I started working on the layout for the site, the name "Uplift" eventually came to me.

Keeping with the flying and freedom/liberty type of theme, I felt that the word uplift contains a double meaning for me. The word as a whole describes an aspect of Cissnei's personality, as I found her to be an upliting person, especially to Zack. When the word is separated into two, the word "up" and the word "lift" are both related to the theme of flying and being free that I was going for.

Although I'm not 100% happy with the name, I feel that it captures what I wanted to say about Cissnei in a way that is meaningful to me.