Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, first released in 2007 (in Japan), is a prequel to Square-Enix's (then Squaresoft) seventh installment of the Final Fantasy series, released backed in 1997. The prequel takes place seven years prior to the start of FFVII (noticed a pattern yet?) and tells the tale from the perspective of Zack Fair of his time as a member of Shinra's elite fighting force, SOLDIER.

Cissnei, from her entrance into the story in Chapter 4 until the end, is one of the four Turks members that have made an appearance in the prequel. She serves as a minor supporting character in the game, as well as a colleague and a friend to Zack. Although she belongs in a different department than Zack within Shinra, as a member of the Turks, Cissnei sometimes works alongside Zack when their assignments coincide with each other's.