A Fan of Zack

In Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, it is a common commodity for 1st class SOLIDER to have at least one fanclub and Zack is no exception. Zack finds out that he actually has fans through a conversation he had with Cissnei during the Junon mission in Chapter 7. After the conversation, Cissnei even sends Zack an email giving him hints as to how to join his own fanclub:

Subject: I'll give you a hint
From: Cissnei

If you can't get these "fans" of yours out of your head, I suggest you visit headquarters.

Whoever knows the most about company goings-on just might know something about a few of them.

Makes sense, doesn't it?

A subsequent email after Zack joins his own fanclub states that Zack is member no. 12, meaning that Cissnei is probably one of the first few members within the Zack fanclub.

As revealed in the Keywords Collection from the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 - the Complete Guide in Cruise Story & Visual Archive, Cissnei's pen name within the Zack fan club is "Black Suit", and a member who posts insider information on Zack. The Keywords Collection also stated that Cissnei reasons for joining the fanclub seemed to have stemmed from her own personal feelings rather than as part of a Turks' assignment.16

There were two emails that the fanclub sent out with information or words from Cissnei as Black Suit. These emails showed some of Cissnei's feelings toward Zack:

Subject: Insider Information
From: Zack Fan Club

We received the following information from a member of our word-of-mouth network:

Zack's favorite swimsuit has embroidered sunflowers.

Isn't that perfect for someone as sunny as Zack?

He was spotted in Costa del Sol on a break. It was then, on the day of the simultaneous attacks, that he was seen fighting foes on the beach with a parasol!

Isn't that WILD? With all this vitality, you might expect Zack to be a flirtatious player when it comes to romance, but apparently he's actually very sweet and naive.

Thanks to Black Suit for the info!

Subject: Sad News
From: Zack Fan Club

We continued running the fan club after Zack's untimely death, but we have to disband due to financial reasons.

We would like to share one last comment from Black Suit, the secret informant who shared so much with us:

"It was very sudden for us, but I'm sure Zack now has the wings he always wanted, flying the great big skies... with that great big sunflower smile."

Our thanks go out to all 51,836 members out there. May Zack always live within our hearts.

From these emails, it is apparent that Cissnei thought of Zack as a bright and cheerful guy who is like a sunflower. She also thinks of him as sweet and naïve, probably from observing his interactions with Aerith.