Name: Cissnei (JP: シスネ [SHISUNE])/Shuriken(Female) (JP: 手裏剣(女) [shuriken (onna)]) (Before Crisis)
Age: 16 (First Appearance)
Birthplace: Unknown
Weapon: Shuriken (Rekka)
Voice Actor: Nakada Asumi (JP), Carrie Savage (EN)

Character descriptions from the official Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (JP) site:1

Although living at the orphanage, due to being recognized as a potential [candidate] for the Turks, she received rigorous education and training since childhood in order to become a Turk.

Having attained the youngest in history to join the Turks' ranks, that record has not been defeated even now.

Character descriptions from the official Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII (JP) site:2

Birthplace unknown.

Caring, and is often looking after the members.

Due to the recognition of her potentials when she was at the orphanage, she was scouted for the Turks.

Received strict education and training from childhood, she was raised for the purpose of becoming a Turk member.

Attaining [the title of] the youngest in history to join the Turks, that record has not been defeated at this point.

From the descriptions on both the official (Japanese) Crisis Core and Before Crisis websites, one gets the impression that Cissnei is very good at her job due to the fact that she was specifically hand-picked and trained to become a member of the Turks.

As her path was pre-determined for her by Shinra, and the emphasis on the training and education she received being as harsh as it was, a recurring theme with Cissnei is that although she is mainly loyal to Shinra and the Turks, she is also someone who longs to have certain freedom within her role.