About the Site

This Gabranth fansite is the only relic from my brief return to shrine-making back in 2008 that I’ve brought with me to the present, which has turned out to be a massive undertaking since my ability to understand the story of the game has grown proportionately to my vocabulary and language abilities. Simply put, I wanted to rewrite everything but I couldn’t actually replay the game since I don’t have the game disc anymore after I lent it out to someone a few years back. (I know I know.)

I have also found myself getting stuck more than a few times in the process of writing because I feel that I’m not naturally good with words since I worry a lot about making grammar mistakes and such (even though I’m sure there are still plenty throughout the site or even these paragraphs that is being written right now). What I’m trying to get at is that I’m just really glad I got this fansite to the state it is in now even though it doesn’t feel finished (especially the Depth section). Although at the moment I have exhausted my motivation for the site, I wish to return and complete/expand the Depth section once more when I can find my focus for the site again.

Truth to be told, Balthier was the character that immediately grabbed my attention on my first playthrough of the game more than 10 years ago. It wasn’t well into the middle of the story that I started paying attention to all the behind the scenes stuff happening on the Archadian Empire’s side. However, I think Yoshida did a really good job with the designs of the Judges, as I found them to be characters I was interested to know more about as the story progress, mostly in part to wanting to tell them apart since you don’t really get to see their faces until later in the game.

Unfortunately (or maybe it’s a fortunate thing), Gabranth only left an impression on me after the last (few) battles on the Bahamut near the end of the game. I was actually vouching for him to make it out alive on that first playthrough, but at least he was at peace with himself in the end. Based on that impression, I really wanted to dig and provide some sort of insights into his backstory to show that this villain isn’t really a villain at heart but someone that was led astray by his own internal struggles.

About the Name

This fansite used to be named Stray back when it was first published in 2008. However, as mentioned above, my understanding of the lore of FFXII and of Gabranth has somewhat expanded over the years, and I felt that the previous name for this fansite is no longer suitable. As with most of my other fansites, I brainstormed a list of potential names for the site after I finished taking notes, but I usually came up with something else as I make the layout or write the contents for it, and in the case of Dissonant, it was the former.

I like the name Dissonant because I feel that it’s representative of Gabranth as it says a lot about how he feels about himself and the internal struggles he faced throughout FFXII.