First and foremost, I'm eternally grateful to Phyress, formerly of, for all of her assistant since the beginning, and for sharing her FMV screencaptures and Omega scans for the previous iteration of this fansite. A huge thanks also goes out to Larissa of for providing me with photos of Gabranth's page in the Scenario Omega so that I can verify where certain information came from. Finally, I'd like to thank Stefi of for providing me with a scan of said page and transcribing/translating the section about Gabranth's mother on that page. A huge shout-out also goes out to the Amassment Community for giving me a place to seek help for my fansites when I need it.


dansg08 » gameplay video
Final Fantasy Worlds Apart » game script
MelodicMizeryPs3Vids » bonus dvd footage
Subtle Patterns » photoshop patterns
Winds of Change » header image
yayanicolet » gameplay video

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