Welcome to Dissonant, a fansite to Judge Magister Gabranth from the twelfth installment of Square-Enix's Final Fantasy fame. The main plot of Final Fantasy XII focuses on the reclamation of the kingdom of Dalmasca by its former princess and her allies from the Archadian Empire, who invaded and forced Dalmasca to surrender after a staged incident two years before the main events of FFXII. Gabranth, a Judge under the Archadian Empire, is branded as a rather ruthless antagonist early on in the game and is the first Judge to be introduced to the player. This fansite aims to shed a light on the antagonist and his actions throughout the game.

Before venturing on, please be cautious of personal opinions, speculations and unmarked spoilers throughout the site, especially if you have not play through the game yet. To navigate, please use the navigation bar located above.

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